Monday, December 15, 2008

Map of protests in solidarity with the Greek uprising (closer look at Europe below)

Upcoming protests
Past protests
>> Because of the large number of markers, the map is getting slow. So you can also check a flat list of the events here.
>> There is no garantee that the provided information is correct! Please report errors and broken links. Comment your reports and announcements here, don't forget to include date, location, time and link.


  1. Beautiful work, and great of you to envision this.

  2. From the US thus far:

    -Banner Drops in Solidarity

    -Bank attacks in Olympia in solidarity with Greek rebellion:

    -Santa Cruz Solidarity with Greece:



    Toronto, Canada
    December 20th
    11 am - 4pm
    365 Bloor Street, Greek Consulate

  4. there had been four solidarity protest in turkey so far.

    first of them was in İstanbul at 10/12/2008. it was in front of the greece consulate building. some bottles in red paint thrown to the building. (by anarchists)

    the second one was in Smyrna, consulate building, again. this time, some tomatos thrown(by socialists)12/12/2008

    the third one was in Smyrna again, it was a approximately small march. (it was the first anarchist action in Smyrna so far) 17/17/2008

    the last one was today(18/18/200), in İstanbul.
    it was a large protest, including nearly 10 leftist group.

    also, on 20th, there will be lots of actions going on.
    all of them are available on:

    the link is turkish.

  5. there was a small but visible demo in Tacoma washington in the busy downtown district from 11-2 on the 11th of december, over 500 leaflets passed out.

  6. There was a demonstrariotn in Montevideo,Uruguay the day 15/12 around 21pm in front of the greek embassie.

  7. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

    Small demo outside a police station - 12/13/08
    Banner Drop - 12/15/08

    "in memory of a. grigoropoulos humanity's struggle against authority continues"


    More to come!


    San Francisco
    December 20th
    24th and Mission

  9. Dec 10 2008 Stockholm

    A protest action outside of the greek embassy in Stockholm was held today, wednesday, at the same time as a general strike went into action in Greece. 50 exile greeks, greek exchange students, anarchists and other activists let the shouts of "cops, pigs, murderers!" and other greek chants echo in the street, showing their support for the righteous protests and strikes against the police and neoliberal government policies.

    Fliers produced by greek exchange students were handed out saying: "We resist and confront all kinds of authoritarian suppression by showing solidarity and supporting demonstrations in Greece and elsewhere."

    Dec 13 Stockholm.

    A demonstration with 100 people walked from the flashy hangout of the Stureplan square to the greek embassy, with banners, shouts of solidarity.

  10. Thanks! But remember: I need exact time, place, and links! I'm happy to link to pages in languages i don't understand, but then you must help me out on the details!

  11. on 20th
    Ankara: Greece embassy: 12.30
    İstanbul: Taksim Square: 14:30
    Cyrpus: It's a march: at the parliament building and presidential building. 14.00



    Santa Barbara, California, USA
    12 Noon, 12/20/08
    Solidarity/Awareness Rally to Support Greece and Spread the Word

    Meet in front of Java Jones on Lower State!

  14. The university Universidade Católica de Santos (located in Santos-SP, Brazil) was occupied for 14 days, also related to solidarity to Greece. Check out the blog for more.

  15. PAST

    Skopje, 18.12
    City Square

  16. Nuuk, Greenland - noon to 2pm local time 20/12/08

  17. Syracuse NY Solidarity with the Greek Uprising
    Saturday, December 20, 5pm
    Hanover Square, 133 E Water St
    Syracuse, NY 13202, United States

    organized by the Syracuse Solidarity Network, an affiliate of the North East Anarchist Network

  18. 09.12.2008 / Düsseldorf (Germany) / Manifestation
    150 people

    09.12.2008 /Dortmund (Germany) / Manifestation
    60 people

    08.12.2008 / Cologne (Germany) / Manifestation
    250 people

    07.12.2008 /Cologne (Germany) / the greece consulate had been attackt with color

    More Information about the solidarity/protest in germany you can find here:


    On Tuesday, 9th of December, approximately at 6:30 pm on Main Square, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, about 40 people came to express their protest and anger against the murder of Alexandros and to memorialize this young boy. There was a transparence laying on the stairs of The Embassy of Greece saying “6.12.2008, Athens, 16-years-old Alexandros Andreas Grigoropoulos, murdered by a cop! R.I.P./A.C.A.B.“ Two activists have attached a banner with a slogan “Punishment for the assassin“ in Greek on the entrance door. We also put a wreath and have lighted tenths of candles together neer the stairs and the photography of young Alexandros.

    Alexandros - We will never forget!

    and another soli-action was in Prague at 11.12.08, about 40 people was met ahead a greek embassy in Prague

  20. London, UK

    Saturday 20-12-2008, 11:00 am
    Embassy of Greece, London
    1A Holland Park W11 3TP

    International action against state murders

  21. Turkey, Ankara again. another demo and press statement, by anarchists 15.00pm Yüksek Street.

  22. no, no Yüksek Street. Yüksel Street it is. sorry.

  23. Students in New York City occupy The New School for three days in direct solidarity with Greece.

  24. Night paint attack at the greek community center in Rosario, Argentina, Wednesday 10 at 5:00 AM GMT

  25. Attack on Greek community center? Sounds a little bit strange, do you have a link?

  26. Chicago solidarity protest last week should be on the map:

    December 12, 2008, at the Greek Consulate

  27. BOSTON, MA, USA:

    PAST -
    Tuesday, December 16
    March from Arlington St. to the Greek Consulate
    The front gate of the Consulate was smashed open.

    Saturday, December 20
    Meet @ 12 noon @ Fanieul Hall to march! is the link for both.

  28. NEW YORK, NY

    Thursday, December 19th
    9pm @ Tompkins Square Park

    At 9 pm on December 18, approximately 70 anarchists took to the streets for a roving dance party. Heading off traffic for a mile and leaving impromptu blockades in their wake, the anarchists marched up 13th street with a goal of reaching the site of the New School Occupation, before police intervened at University Place. Two car windows were smashed and one confirmed arrest was made.

  29. New York City:

    December 10th

    At approximately 4am, the Greek consulate was vandalized via paint and bricks.

    Later in the day, there was an attempted bloc on the consulate.,0,1505125.story

  30. Rochester, NY, USA is holding a Solidarity March at 5:00pm on Saturday December 20th. It will begin in Washington Square Park (181 S. Clinton Avenue) and march to the News10NBC studio on East Avenue. A Statement of Solidarity will be read by Rochester Students for a Democratic Society and any other individual or organization present is also welcome to speak.

    Here's the link to the facebook event:

  31. this map gone crazy:}} nice work, all around the world.

  32. Rochester, MN, USA is holding an Protest Against State Murder (more accurately, an anti-capitalist drum circle) at 4:00 on Saturday, December 20th at the Apache Mall.

  33. Small get together at the fairgrounds, in Eugene OR, on the 20th. Time: 2pm. => Bring music, banners, and anything else you can think of.

  34. Tomorrow (December 20th) in Brazil - Action against the state murders and solidarity with the Comrades in Greece.
    São Paulo,at 01:00 pm.

  35. According to mainstream media sources, 10th of December unknown
    person threw a molotov coctail to Greek embassy in Moscow, Russia:

  36. In Helsinki early start for international solidarity day.

    Friday 3:30 PM 35 people gathered at Greek embassy in Kruunuhaka district, and marched towards centre by Aleksanterinkatu and Mannerheimintie. At university main building, police tried to grab one participator, but van was surrounded and police let him go. WTC and Nokia shop was thrown with paint bombs. Demo ended at main railway station, where guards blocked the doors from demonstrators for some reason.

    Photos at mainstream news:

  37. 14th of December anarchist and radical left youth made graffiti and threw fireworks and Greek embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.

  38. at night between 18th and 19th unknown people threw paintbombs to
    Greek embassy in Helsinki.


  39. São Paulo is pretty big, can you tell us where exactly? I quickly checked Brasil IMC, but didn't find it...

  40. on 20th. Turkey, Smyrna, it's a march by anarchists. starts at 16.30 location: is Konak. The march starts from Old Sumerbank building.

  41. jasper i don't exactly understand the language, but i'm sure you can: i guess its about sau paulo's event on 20th:

  42. On the Sao Paulo event: I already checked that link - excuse my português - couldn't find it, but which article do you mean?


    12 noon, tomorrow 20th Dec at Nye Bevan statue, Queen Street, Cardiff.

  44. There will be a protest TOMORROW at the Greek Consulate starting at Starbucks at 1117 Lexington Ave on the corner of Lexington & 78th in New York City, New York, USA starting at 12:30.

  45. jasper, i was thinking the first one would be relevant..but i guess, it is not. i am sorry. i am trying to find any other link..but i think this action is only written here..

  46. Note on New York City protest: it will end at the Greek Consulate but start at Starbucks.

  47. Milwaukee:

    There will be an informational event showing video, sharing news, statements etc and discussing the situation.

    And hopefully a lot more unplanned.

  48. Stockholm action listed above is missing from the map

  49. Stockholm is on the map now :-)

  50. London, UK:

    On Monday, 8th protesters successfully shut the Greek Embassy down. At this protest, journalists were obstructed by police officers.
    On Wednesday, 10th the offices of the greek airline Olympic Airways were blockaded in solidarity, while on Thursday, 11th a small group a protesters tried to picket the Greek Embassy, but gave up because of the extent of police harrassment.
    Another protest took place in Dalston on Sunday 14th with over 100 people facing a heavy handed police presence. There were at least two arrests On Thursday, 18th a small crowd gathered for two hours in the protest pen opposite the Embassy.
    On Saturday 20th, a protest will be held at the Greek Embassy at 11am and at Wood Green at 2pm.
    all reports and announcements linked at:

  51. forgot: there was a cinema libre screening at library house, squatted social centre on wednesday, 17th:

  52. Montreal, Canada

    Call for decentralized actions all across the city.

  53. washington, dc!

    december 20 @ 3pm
    greek embassy: 2228 massachusetts ave., nw (metro-dupont circle)

  54. I just found the details of São Paulo:
    # Date: Saturday 20 December
    # Time: 13:00
    # Location: Consulado Grego no Rio, Praia do Flamengo 344, , Brazil
    # Source:

    This is organised by Ação Direta Estudantil, they have posted an English solidarity message here:

  55. O, the time in São Paulo is set to 14:00 - hope it's the same event then, but better too early than late...

  56. Another solidarity proteset in Turkey, Ankara
    Starting at 12:00 am in Kızılay, Konur Street
    By giving people leaflets, Opening a banner in the middle of the square
    Then, at 15:00 there will be a press release in Kızılay, Yüksel Street, near the Statue of Human Rights.

    Organised by Anarchy Collective Ankara

  57. Wrocław, Poland

    Date: 20 December 2008
    Time: 15:30
    Location: Rynek

  58. Richmond, VA, usa

    Date: December 20, 2008
    Time: 10 AM
    Location: Monroe Park

  59. hello,

    these are the details of Brazil (unfortunately those details above are wrong).


    São Paulo
    Sábado 20 // Saturday 20
    Time: 13h
    Where: Consulado da Grécia
    Address: São Paulo - SP - Consulado Geral da GréciaAv. Paulista, 2073 - Conj. Nacional HORSA II, 23o andar, Cj.2303
    CEP 01311-940 - São Paulo-SP

    Rio de Janeiro

    Date: 20 Saturday
    Time: 14:00
    Where: Consulado Grego no Rio (Praia do Flamengo, 344)

    Ação Direta Estudantil


  60. [Seville-Andalucia]
    18.00 Centro Civico La Sirena
    Alameda de Hercules

  61. December 18, 2008
    Fort Collins, CO, USA
    Wells Fargo Bank Window Smashed

  62. 2008-12-20
    Hamburg, Germany
    More than 1.000 took to the streets. Biggest solidarity demonstration with the Greek social uprising so far.

    Frankfurt, Germany

    Delmenhorst, Germany

    Trier, Germany

    Mannheim, Germany

    Bochum, Germany

    Wuppertal, Germany

    to be continued..

  63. 2008-12-20
    Tyumen, Russia
    Black flag established in the center of city. Leaflets distributed.

  64. some photos from a solidarity demo held in helsinki, finland:

  65. While I was helping to organize the Toronto rally, I was not able to personally be there... however, I think it was cancelled due to bad weather/ low numbers... we may plan for a different day to make more of an impact.

  66. 2008-12-20, 15:00
    Solidarity to the Greek rioters and respect to murdered Alexandros Grigoropoulos

  67. At least following Russian cities joined the international day of protest:

    St. Petersburg

    Reports in English available in

  68. Solidarity from Harrisburg, Pa!

    Just wanted to report a solidarity action that took place today in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA.

    We had a small demo and put up a ton of flyers and posters.

    The insurrection spreads!

    Harrisburg Area Anarchist Collective

  69. Solidarity actions in LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA.

    20. December 2008, 18:00

    Reports with photos will follow!

    Ljubljana, Slovenia - 9th December 2008


    Report in english:

  70. 2008-12-20
    Offenburg, Germany
    35 people demonstrated in our little smalltown...

  71. on 13/12/2008 we had small protest in Leeds, with 20 people handing out leaflets. Just a small action but new connections were made between groups and individuals who previously didn't know each other.

  72. leafletting and banner drop in Newcastle, UK on 11/12/2008.

  73. Krasnoyarsk of Russia also joined international day of action.

    Photos and video available here:

  74. 40 people protest in Dublin, Ireland.

    “On arrival at the Greek embassy we observed that the frontage had been splattered with red paint and at least three windows had been broken sometime previously”

    - pictures

  75. Turkey:
    in Ankara two actions were made, nearly 150 people total.

    in İstanbul, there were nearly 300 people.
    these are some photos

    also there has been a smaal but beatiful demonstrations in Eskişehir with 50 people.

  76. Night paint attack at the greek community center in Rosario, Argentina, Wednesday 10 at 5:00 AM GMT

  77. Hello,

    Some contributions that have so far been missed from the map:

    Attack on police station
    Location: Canton, Cardiff, Wales, UK
    rough co-ordinates:
    Date: 12/12/08
    Time: 'Early hours'
    Attack on 2 police stations
    Broomhill Road, Brislington, Bristol, England,UK
    rough coordinates:
    Poplar Way, Avonmouth, Bristol, England, UK
    rough coordinates:
    Date: 10/12/08-11/12/08
    Time: Overnight (presumably early hours)
    Demo at Greek Consulate
    Location: 5a Norfolk Road, Birmingham
    rough coordinates:
    Date: 13/12/08
    Time: unknown (presumably 12ish)

  78. 12/20/08 8pm minneapolis, mn usa
    about 30 of us(we would've had more im sure but we got 6 inches of snow dumped on us this same day and it was well below zero farenheit windchill, and also we kept mention of it off the internet) marched in solidarity with greece! our indymedia was there but nothing's been posted yet.
    we had tiki torches, we blocked loads of traffic, we passed out flyers, and there was a bit of fucking shit up, but nothing too major! the best part... we ended the night with free vegan and vegetarian pizza(donated by the owner-who was down with our cause- of this rad little pizza place here)... anyhow we send love and solidarity!

  79. 12/20/08 1pm bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    location: Dr.-Ruer-Platz

    spontaneous actions on local christmas market;
    joined by anarchists/anti-fascists from all over the Ruhr Area;
    street art: shapes of the dead bodys (like on a crime scene) were drawn with chalk, added by the names of Carlo Giulliani, Oury Jalloh and Alexis Grigoropoulos. Artificial Blood was dispensed over the body shapes.

    hundreds of leaflets on political situation in greece were spreaded;

    action was disrupted by the police after half an hour: one arrest

  80. Έχω γίνει λίγο κουραστική. Αυτό είναι το τελικό:

    اليونانيون في الشوارع: شعب من أجل التغيير

    في السادس من كانون الأول\ دبسمبر قتل الطفل أليكسيس جريجوروبولوس بسلاح شرطي في وسط العاصمة أثينا. والصورة الرئيسية التي يقدمها الإعلام في العالم لحادثة مقتل الطفل هي أنها حدثت خلال مظاهرة احتجاج، ولكن الطفل أليكسيس لم يكن يحتج في مظاهرة، بل كان يجلس في الشارع مع أصدقائه. وعلى إثر تلك الحادثة خرج اليونانيون إلى الشوارع بهدف الاحتجاج، وتستمر مظاهرات الاحتجاج في اليونان منذ أسابيع وحتى يومنا هذا.

    تدعوكم نقابة الصحافيين ومجموعة التضامن مع شعب اليونان لحضور عرض فيديو وصور أخذت من مصادر مختلفة، سيتبعها تقديم عن الأوضاع في اليونان ويتبعها نقاش (التقديم سيكون بالإنجليزية يتبعه ترجمة للعربية).

    في مقر نقابة الصحافيين
    4 شارع عبد الخالق ثروت، الطابق الرابع
    وذلك يوم الثلاثاء الموافق 30 كانون الأول\ ديسمبر 2008 في تمام الساعة الثامنة مساءً

    Greece On The Streets: People For Change

    On December 6, Alexis Grigoropoulos was shot dead by a police officer in the centre of Athens. Worldwide, the mainstream media has presented the killing as part of an ongoing demonstration. But Alexis was not demonstrating; he was sitting on a street with his friend.

    Various movements all over Greece have taken to the streets in protest. It’s been weeks and yet they’re still out there…
    Syndicate of Journalists and Solidarity With the People of Greece
    invite you to

    A screening of videos and photographs from alternative sources, followed by a presentation and discussion.

    Syndicate of Journalists, 4th floor
    (4, Abd al-Khaliq Sarwat Street, off Talat Harb Street, Downtown Cairo)
    Tuesday, December 30, 8pm

  81. Αγαπητέ αdmin. Συγγνώμη που το λέω αυτό, αλλά μήπως θα μπορούσες να βάλεις το Κάιρο λίγο νοτιότερα και λίγο δυτικότερα? Μπορείς να διαγράψεις το σχόλιο...

  82. Haha, i cannot answer you in Greek, but you will see that when you use the zoomtool of googlemaps, the location of that event is exactly in the right street (maybe not the exact address). The yellow star is always a little bit above the exact location...) Good luck with your meeting!

  83. We should keep protesting in Chicago, lemme know if there is one upcoming

    email me

  84. I propose to delete Greenland action unless it has been confirmed somewhere

  85. In Kemerovo of Russia, organiser of action was immediately detained for
    2.5 hours by the authorities. However later on 200 leaflets were handed

    In Omsk of Russia, leaflets against police brutality were flyposted
    around the city, mostly around bus stops, movie theaters and train

  86. Both Omsk and Kemerovo 20th of December

  87. Greenland: i agree, it's probably a fake - funny though. But i will remove it untill someone comes up with a report (and i want a picture, too!)

  88. MMM, i just see that googlemaps doesn't show more than 200 markers... i will try to solve this problem tomorrow

  89. πρεναπάμ στα κλησιά, οπρούχουντες βρούκλιδες παρελούν τους γεχοβάδες γαμπρούς χρονιάρες μέρς μαυτοί έχνε περσίες στελλάδ πουμς εκμεταλέβνε

  90. Solidarity action with Greece in Chita

    27th of December there was a solidarity action with comrades in Greece in Chita. Banners were hanged in center of the city. First banner was hanged to fence of a shopping mall at revolution square with text "People of Greece! We are with you!". Second was hanged to Butina street to fence of faculty of foreign languages, and it had text "Solidarity is our weapon - down with the police state!". Stickers were put and fliers were flyposted to shops and universities with texts "Anarchists do not stop! People have right to rebel!" and "Enough of silence! Time to fight for the dream!" and others.

    Russian original:

    (source and photo:

  91. 2 possible solutions:

    1) make separate maps for "Europe" and "rest of the world"

    2) make separate maps for actions before some date, and other one for actions after some date.


    Izhevsk, Russia: 21 December, we handed out leaflets about the protests in Greece during Food Not Bombs action)
    23 December, near 20 activist gathered for Alex memeory action in memorial of veterans of WW2.
    24-25 we post leaflets near high schools in Izhevsk.
    Autonomous Action - Izhevsk

  93. Providence, RI, USA: January 9th, 2009.

  94. region vise if i say that would all be appropriate as i med Ronald last evening and we were discussing it but without being stereotypes and here if u want then we can find domain name registration according to what ever you want.

  95. Hi we're organising a solidarty event in Istanbul. It'll be in front of the greek consulate on friday at 2 pm. We"ll march from taksim square to the consulate then we"ll read our press statement.

    here's a link for the event (in turkish):